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According to the new directives from the European Union regarding the protection of personal data, all online stores must comply with the GDPR policies in force. From this point of view, we fully assume the decisions of these normative acts and we will implement, at the level of the online store, all the necessary aspects to ensure compliance with these provisions but also to ensure users a safe navigation and ordering process through through which their data is protected. All stores made by us benefit from SSL certificate to encrypt the data inside the platform but also the implementation of strict consent policies. Do you have a store that is not secure or does not benefit from a correct implementation of GDPR? Choose our correction service from the point of view of GDPR norms or request now an online store creation offer for your business!


Virtual store with administration panel included

Manage products & orders efficiently, from PC or smartphone

The goal of any entrepreneur, online store owner, is to find the ideal recipe to easily manage their business. In the case of online stores, the major interest is to have full control over the products, their stocks, but also over the orders placed by customers. At the same time, reports and sales statistics can provide you with valuable information through which you can change different marketing strategies along the way. All the relevant details that we discussed earlier can be found in the administration panel of the stores we develop, a precise tool, easy to use and with a major impact on the flexibility that any online store administrator needs!

Ecommerce platform optimized for conversions

to ensure that your business addresses the most effective marketing channels

If you are aiming to make this year your best in terms of online sales, you need a store that is in tune with your thoughts and plans. We offer complete online store creation services, one of the topics we approach is the optimization of the platform to offer you the best techniques for optimizing the conversion and increasing the revenues. More orders means more sales, a higher turnover and very high chances of increasing profitability. Explore detailed statistics and help yourself with this valuable information as well as profitable marketing channels to turn your online store into a real successful business!

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Do you want to be able to stand out in order to be able to accept or other minimum knowledge online to get faster? We have the solution!

Integrated with social networks

Sell more if you use social networks intelligently. We integrate your profiles and pages with the store to increase conversion.